3 years 10 months — The period that I tried and decided to call a Halt.

Sunny Tan HC
5 min readMar 31, 2022

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I decided to call it a Halt.

This was an opportunity call, and it took me a few days over the Lunar New Year to make this decision. There was an opening for the position of Continuous Improvement Specialist where one seeks to innovate and perform Digital Transformation within the organisation. It was something that I am currently doing with various customers and something that I am interested in. The critical difference is that this is for a different industry and a much larger scale.

Before I decided, I managed to catch up with a few friends to seek their opinions. One of them highlights the critical challenges of running a small business in Singapore. While we might have the best intentions, products and services, the company's probability of taking off is exceptionally slim.

If we are keen to apply what we know and make an impact, work for someone instead of running a business and apply our ideas and know-how to make it happen. Granted that we are doing it for others, but at least we are being paid for how we can make things happen. Eventually, I decided to submit my application after carefully considering how this might impact my family and company.

You might have a question: Why is this a HALT instead of calling it a QUIT? Change is the only constant, and there could always be an opportunity where someone or some group that likes to get me to run their startup in the future. Nothing is forever, and things can keep changing until my last breath.

I shared this with my close networks that I will continue to help them to bridge opportunities and allow them to leverage my networks if they need it. No matter where I am or what I am doing, I always believed that it is essential to help one another as much as possible, and the future of business is to seek…



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