Power & Interest

In my last article on IPMA, I wrote about the third competence element in the Perspective Area, Compliance, Standards and Regulations. In this article, I am writing on the fourth competence element: Power & Interest.

This competence element aims to enable the individual to use power and interest techniques to achieve stakeholder satisfaction and deliver the agreed outcomes within the constraints of time and budget.

Digital Integration

Digital integration is the idea that data or information on any given electronic device can be read or manipulated by another device using a standard format.

— Wikipedia

An organisation will have a platform integrated into different business functions in an ideal scenario, enabling data exchanges and getting information near real-time. All the data are being harmonised, enabling data analytic to gain insights into the various aspects of the organisation. Such is an ideal scenario, and it takes years for an established company to journey through the entire transformation.

Due to various considerations and circumstances, an organisation typically acquire systems…

My last Marathon was Sun Moon Lake Marathon on 28 October 2018, and that was my 9th Marathon. I was looking around for a Marathon that I can clock my 10th when COVID-19 hit.

On 27 October 2018, I took a night flight on TR898 to Taipei. Reaching the following day and continue my journey from Taipei to Sun Moon Lake. Getting there was relatively uneventful as the flight to high-speed rail and the bus service to Sun Moon Lake was well connected. I managed to reach my place of lodging just before noon.

The lobby of the place that I am staying for the next 2 nights at Sun Moon Lake

I will usually plan for a…

IPMA ICB4.0 — Compliance, Standards & Regulations

In my last article on IPMA, I wrote about the second competence element in the Perspective Area, Governance, Structures and Processes. In this article, I am writing on the third competence element: Compliance, Standards and Regulations.

This competence element aims to enable the individual to influence and manage the alignment of the relevant standards and regulations within the permanent organisations.


While the pandemic causes disruptions in our daily living, it also helps accelerate the pace companies adopt technologies from accepting cashless payment, digitising their process flow to using technologies to engage customers. Without due considerations, decisions taken by business owners to hop onto the digital bandwagon might be detrimental in the long run.

Let’s look at Food Delivery services, which many of us might use to continue our little indulgence during the Circuit Breaker or Lockdown — ordering food from a restaurant that we used to patronise or a cup of bubble tea.

There are generally two types of food…

Governance, Structures and Processes

In my last article on IPMA, I wrote about the first competence element in the Perspective Area, Strategy. In this article, I am writing on the second competence element, which is “Governance, Structures and Processes”.

This competence element aims to enable the individual to effectively participate in and manage the impact of governance, structure and processes on projects.

2020 saw a massive adaptation of digital technologies across different sectors, especially in eCommerce. The USA alone reports growth of eCommerce adaptation from 17%-33% in 2 months, and the previous forecast was 24% by 2024.

One of the sectors that I feel can benefit from digital transformation is Food & Beverages, especially in restaurant operations. Besides enabling the business to control their operations better, they can also leverage this to provide a better customer experience.

While there are solutions available for business owners to use, I feel that digital adaptation in this sector is still fragmented. …

Find me using face recognition

Development in Face Recognition can be designated as “Fast & Furious” with improved performance and broader acceptance in different application over the last decade. Comes with this is the question about the violation of privacy by the user of face recognition. I will pen my thoughts on this in a separate article and focus only on the generic use of finding people using face recognition.

The Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) is the traditional user of face recognition. In recent years, we saw the application of face recognition in payment, customer service, access control, and time attendance. …

Thank you for sharing, George!

While there has been enormous advancement in surveillance technologies such as FR, there are still limitations. Lack of lighting, covering of the face, steep angle of acquisition, and others affect those matches' quality and accuracy. The accuracy on the ground varies significantly as compared to those achieved in laboratory testing. Besides technology, many other factors affect their performance and technology itself constitute just one of the many considerations.

Realistically, while a state can track someone, it is nearly impossible for them to track everyone. They will need to deliberate this action and utilise their resources…

Supporters on the train, which is specially catered by the organiser

I am not someone that people thought would go around completing Marathons, yet I am doing it. I was overweight when I started my service with the Republic of Singapore Navy in 1996. Running is to ensure that I can clear my Individual Physical Proficient Test (IPPT). Before 2002, the longest distance that I run was 10km, and it took quite an effort for me to finish that.

In 2002, I took up the challenge to complete my first Marathon in Singapore. I am an incidental Marathoner as I missed the exit at the halfway mark and ended up dragging…

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