CREATE Experience

Action Learning Project (ALP) is an essential aspect of my INSEAD Online Course, Leading Organisations in Disruptive Times. To get the most out of the ALP, we should apply what we are experiencing in our organisation. I am using the change initiative I am working on in my company on this ALP, and something remarkable happened. The process helps me gain clarity on what I need to focus, leverage, reduce, and eventually help to articulate the Mission and Vision. However, we have been doing it all along, and we are short of communicating them among my team.

As I ponder this question, “What is it that we have been doing all along?”. Regardless of whether we are customising the software for customers or enabling the customer to sell their products on UnitySuite, there’s an essential thing that we are giving them.

They can be group-buy hosts looking for a platform to allow their customers to make an order quickly and consolidate their purchases. They can be business owners who want to have something that helps ease their staff in repetitive tasks. They can also be business owners trying to transform their business to be ready for the future. So apart from giving them what they are looking for, we create an EXPERIENCE for them.

As I deliberate through what we have been giving customers since the start, it has always been an experience. It was this experience that customers will help to refer us without reservation. Yes, there are ups and downs, and we have been through failure, but we managed to work things out with the customer and get back on. Thanks to our great customers, we can continue to create an experience for those who come after them.

“CREATE Experience” is the company mission to take us into 2025. Something simple, easily understood, relevant and consistent with what we are doing daily. While working on this previously, I was making things too complicated, overthinking without getting this clarity. As I shared this with my team, all of them agreed that this is what we have been doing, will continue to do and putting it down makes it very clear. My advice for those working on their Mission statement is don’t make it too complicated and wordy. Being too complicated makes it hard for the team to share with others; it’s also hard to take action. A wordy statement will dilute the emphasis, and people might miss out on the critical focus. I made these mistakes previously, and I am happy to redefine them.

I am also working on the company’s Vision in this ALP and another experience that I had also helped give me the clarity and direction that we will be heading. I will be sharing my recent experience of working on the company’s vision in my next article.



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