Differences that I notice when I spend more time Reading

Instead of browsing through LinkedIn to Like, Comment, and Share on posts by my connections and those I followed, I spend more time reading.

Since the last week of December 2021, I decided to spend more time reading books on the Libby App, borrowing books from the National Library Board. As of now, I am reading my 3rd book for 2022. So guess I am hitting my target of reading 20 books in 2022, maybe more. I realised that I got more hooked on the book and tended to read more and read faster. It also helps trigger my thoughts on how I am handling myself and the difference between them and me.

Reading more definitely helped me generate more ideas to write, and this article is an example. I realised that I could find more answers to those questions that I am asking from books. As I start to link those gaps, my internal thoughts begin to take a life of their own and form answers for me to ponder. The critical question that I am pondering now is, “What are the changes that I need to make for my career?”. I hope that I can get an answer from talking with someone or reading those books within the next month.

Reading also helps me get away from the adverse effects usually associated with social media. Do you realise that there could be a lot of negativity from social media posts? People complain about their lives, the environment, their situation, socially unjust, etc. Very often, we might get dragged into those posts, which affects us in our mental and emotional state. Besides this, have you envied how someone lives their life from their post on social media? It is common to share those “glory” moments and not something we are proud of on social media. Things might not be what it seems to be, and reality might be different.

Choose the right book that suits your reading style and something that can captivate you for hours. Unusually, you find a book that’s full of negativity. It is usually uplifting and shares positivity and hope. A book can be an avenue to “get away” from our busy daily living.

Well, my way of relaxation is not all about reading. I am getting back to my Netflix after writing this article



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