• Carly Barrett

    Carly Barrett

    Copywriter. Dog Mum. Goal Digger. Introvert. Chronically Evolving.

  • vasu deva

    vasu deva

  • ckcreaf


    Opinions that matters.

  • Keigo Minamiguchi

    Keigo Minamiguchi

  • Neera Mahajan

    Neera Mahajan

    A Whimsical Writer, Editor-in-chief of Authorpreneur www.neeramahajan.com

  • Nikhil Vemu

    Nikhil Vemu

    Final year B.Tech undergraduate. Cadet at National Cadet Corps, ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ. Meditator @ Heartfulness. Writes mostly on Tech, Self-Improvement & History.

  • Chef Paolo Neville

    Chef Paolo Neville

    Executive Chef and author with 30 + years in the service industry. I have two amazing sons and a passion for food and the restaurant industry.

  • Entreprogrammer


    Tech entrepreneur | Change maker | Enthusiastic about AI and Blockchain

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