For YOU, Our Customers

After the Mission, comes the Vision. As I am pondering on this for the company, I decided to take a similar approach of looking back at what we have done. While we cannot be looking at the rearview mirror to see where we are heading in the future, it does help to give me an idea of what the future might look like.

I come to realise that we are consistent in what we have been doing all these years for our customers. What we want to achieve is to give them something that they can use to run their business. Simple that’s simple and yet fit for purpose. Many assumed that serving the customer, aka our paymaster, is the most important aspect of our delivery. I beg to differ from this common approach. Apart from our customers, we ought to be helping them serve their customers.

Let me share an example of how we put this into action by empathising with my customer’s customers. On 21 January 2019, I have decided to join the queue for Bak Kwa or Pork Jerky. Joining the people in the queue who waited patiently for hours to get their hands on this “priced item” to celebrate Lunar New Year. Our customer is the famous local brand, Lim Chee Guan, where it is a yearly affair for a queue of more than 100 metres long forming to buy their product.

From this experience, I can better relate to how the customers are feeling at different stages of the wait and see the operation from the perspective of their customers. We feel that we can make a difference in this space and we managed to build a trusting relationship with the majority of our customers. “Do I want to continue doing this in the future?” This is the question that I have been asking myself and every member of the company. Eventually, it leads us to our Vision below, and before you think that I am the one who came out with this statement, you are wrong. The final version comes from one of the team members.

What’s different in this vision statement is that we are putting ourselves in the perspective of the customer. While this is our vision, it is not solely for us, we want to do this together with our customers. Thus, this is for YOU, our customers, and we want to walk this journey with you. Yes, the company is working on Digital Transformation, but this itself cannot be done alone. The delivery of GREAT EXPERIENCE comes in multi-fold, Staff Experience, Digital Experience, Customer Experience, Fulfilment Experience, Operational Experience, etc.

What we are seeing is that we saw a value in what we have done for our customers, and we like to continue providing this for other customers that engage our service in the future.



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