From “What can I Write?” to “I can Write!”

I created content almost daily on LinkedIn for a few years to develop an awareness of myself and my company. However, I never thought of writing on Medium as I deemed this to be more professional, and I am not a professional writer.

Last year, I decided to write on Medium and wondered what I could be sharing with my audiences. My article on “What can I Write?” questions me on what I can be sharing. After publishing 50 articles on Medium, I realised that I could write almost anything that comes to my mind, as long as they are my actual experiences. For example, someone might be going through what I went through, and those could provide light at the end of the tunnel for them.

There will be another audience group that can help contribute to situations that I am sharing. It will be helpful for other readers as it helps to bring a different perspective, enabling us to see things from another angle. We need to have a scout mindset to know the reality and what it is instead of how we perceive it. When I am in the midst of the situation, I will be blinded to other solutions and get myself fixated on what I can do.

Another benefit of writing helps me to articulate my thoughts and activate the thinking process on how I can handle the situation. I realised that this helps me a lot, especially when I put new skillsets into practice. It has a similar effect to drawing out things on paper for clarity before transferring them into PowerPoint for presentation.

Well, to start my first article in 2022, instead of questioning what I can write or if I can write, I want to affirm that I can write. And I like to up the number of articles I am writing this year, setting my target to be 100 this year. It’s a challenge, and I hope that I can achieve this target by 31 December 2022.



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Sunny Tan HC

Continuous Improvement | CX | DX | Ex- Technoprenuer | Project Manager | Vacathoner | Medium Writer