Making money is not about MONEY!

I know that the title itself is a dilemma, and this is precisely the situation that I am in when running my business. I want to make money from my customer, yet I do not want to give them something they don’t need.

While I am dealing with Digital Transformation, which is mainly into technology, technology is the last thing on my list. First, I need to listen and understand what my customers want. Next is to figure out how people do their tasks now and their perceived thoughts about using technology to do their work. Lastly, I will see if what I have can meet their expectations. I need their business, but there are instances where I need to reject them or point them to something that better meets their expectations.

We need sales to keep the company going, which is not helping us if we turn down the deals. However, our vision is to help companies create a great experience for their team and customers. If what we have cannot fulfil their needs, it is not what we want. Therefore, as painful as it is, we will give up the sale for the benefit of the customers.

If you read those business books, you will see that this attribute is highly sought after, and customers will appreciate and engage our services. Well, the reality is not even close to this. Only a tiny percentage of customers seek to work with companies like mine. Instead, most of them seek out those that provide the lowest cost or the ability to offset the price from grants provided by the government.

The question is, why do I want to make more money? Apart from giving myself a better life and buying what I like, I can do things I like. While I do not donate a large sum of money, I want to do what I can within my limits. If we can have more to spare, we can give more to those who need it.

This year, we have donated to a charitable organisation, Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society. Coincidentally, they appeared on mainstream media about helping those underprivileged with their funeral services when they are gone. I am happy that we can be part of those who contribute to society. However, to do more, I need to have more, and I need to put in more effort to get more sales.

It’s not an easy journey, and naysayers will say this is for publicity. But, I have only myself to prove and over the years, I have contributed to other causes, such as building toilets in India. I believe that consistency speaks louder than my writings.



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