My worst article has 5 viewings and only 1 read. Why doesn’t this matter?

Sunny Tan HC
3 min readApr 18, 2022

I am not a natural writer nor a writer by profession. But, I do like to write to share my thoughts and experiences with my readers. Some of them might be keen on knowing what I have been through. I used to be very active on LinkedIn, writing a post daily and following up with those responses, hoping that the algorithm could bring me to high gear and increase the viewership.

I went beyond that, and I do not focus on the numbers now. Instead, I will share thoughts, and those keen can read and engage with me. I do not generate my income with LinkedIn, and it does not help me pay my bills. It doesn’t bring revenue to my business previously. My best post generated approximately 20K views which resulted in ZERO value. On the contrary, the two business partners I know from LinkedIn are from those posts with low viewership.

As for Medium, I see it as a platform for writers to write and express their views on specific topics. I do not focus on numbers when I write, but I share the link on LinkedIn and Facebook to generate more viewership. The purpose is to spread the message and let more people know what I am writing, especially those who might relate to what I am sharing and probably contact me to further the discussion.

Number Chasers

If you are feeling down about why your numbers are not improving and are on the low side, let me tell you that you are not alone. If you feel that my viewership and followers are increasing and doing well, you are wrong! I am not doing well, but I am continuing this journey to write and share my thoughts.

So far, my worst article generates only 5 views and 1 read. Look at the bright side, and it has at least one view. The best was generating 596 views now and hitting 294 reads, still low as compared to those doing better on this platform. Due to the policy change, I do not qualify for any fee as I do not have a minimum of 100 followers. Thus, I am writing with the pure intention of writing now.

Beyond the Numbers

Life does not turn out what we anticipated, and it usually catches us by surprise. When we see that nothing is possible, something impossible might appear on the verge to bring us to another level. Do not aim for a high readership when all of them do not understand or acknowledge what you are trying to share. Instead, share and hope that your article reaches a reader that matters and appreciates what you are sharing.

It is not those reading that matter, but those who can relate to your article and find value in it. So, see beyond the numbers and continue to write like what I am doing. One of the readers might be the person who can relate and work out an opportunity with you. The rest will be history, and viewership will not matter after this.

Enjoy this writing journey.



Sunny Tan HC

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