The ONE thing that I need to get ahead and CONQUER it.

Sunny Tan HC
2 min readMar 3, 2022

发脾气是本性,不发脾气是本事 — 刘德华
Throwing temper is human nature, Enduring it human ability — Andy Lau

I stumbled upon a video clip that shows Andy Lau throwing his temper at all the crew when he was filming his 100th movie. Recalling back, he was under tremendous stress, and he snapped under a triggering event. However, he took stock of what happened then and decided to change himself, never to throw temper to another of his firming crew even again.

I know that I have a quick temper and will regret some of my actions immediately after the incident. Thus, I can keep it under check most of the time without much issue. However, I want to do more to manage those instances running ahead of me. I feel that this is something that I want to be more aware of and act on it. The key reason is that this does not solely affect me but the surrounding people involved in the incident.

While I can make many promises and share many actions on how I can make this happen, it is irrelevant if I cannot realise them when it happened. So, what can I do to mitigate the impulse and curb this when it comes?

One of the many ways I can think of is to articulate it out like what I am doing now. As I was writing this article, I was almost in a blank state and finding it hard to pen my thoughts out. Things started to get better when I skipped my writing and did other things like eating, watching Disney+ and reading articles. Writing it out is the first action that I can think of, and it linked back to why I am writing on this platform — it helps me gain clarity on my thoughts as I articulate them out.

The following action that I think will be helpful is to put a hook on the trigger that leads to the undesirable outcome. Then, once I can acknowledge the feeling that leads to the consequences, I can work on having something to mitigate that and probably to change the course of the outcome.

I hope that I can gain this ability to overcome this natural part of me. In addition, having this ability might help me establish more professional relationships that focus on objectivity rather than subjectively seeing things from my point of view.



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