What can I write?

I wonder what topics I should be writing to share my experiences that could benefit someone. Or at least something that I am comfortable enough to write and communicate openly.

There are a few topics that I can share based on my personal experiences.

They are Project Management, Facial Recognition, Digital Transformation, Running Startup and Marathon.

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I am a certified Project Management Professional and a Risk Management Professional. Currently, I am one of the Members of the Governing Committee of Project Management Association Singapore (PMAS), which adopts the standard from IPMA. I used to run a technology implementation project for Apple Premium Reseller and Citibank in the region. Apart from sharing my experiences in running projects across the region, I can also share the Competence Elements of IPMA.

I involved in Facial Recognition since 2009. I was the first Project Manager managing the Facial Recognition Project with the Ministry of Home Affairs in Singapore. I am also involved in different field trials and live operations. I gain my experience as a novice to someone knowledgeable on the field implementation of facial recognition. I can help to share on the other aspect beyond just focusing on Technology.

For the last two years, my team is partnering with SMEs to help them embark on their Digital Transformation journey. Apart from developing a customised solution for them, I am also involved in providing consultancy to companies. While there are many writings on this topic, I feel many might focus on Technology. If this is true, what I am sharing might bring a new perspective to those who like to embark on this journey. I am focusing on Human interaction with the Processes and compliment them using Technology. The difference is that Technology is not the centre-piece; the people in that organisation is.

Finally, I am eyeing my tenth marathon in 2020, which COVID-19 disrupts. There are many similarities between running a marathon and running a business. I consider myself a novice in running a marathon, similarly in running a business. My aim is straightforward, yet achieving them requires persistence, the ability to act, and overcome fear. I hope that what I am sharing could encourage people who like to run a marathon or start a business to take their first step.

If you are keen on any of these topics, do follow me. As a start, I like to publish an article weekly on Medium and sharing on one of these topics. Hope that I can at least get started and work towards writing more consistently and frequently.

Thank you!



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Sunny Tan HC

Continuous Improvement | CX | DX | Ex- Technoprenuer | Project Manager | Vacathoner | Medium Writer