What happens when we start to WRITE?

People don’t write books because they’ve got a great deal of wisdom to impart to somebody; they write books because they want to find the answers for themselves and share the search. It’s not “I have a thing to tell you,” even if you say it is. It’s an exploration and a discovery. — Shelby Foote

The above was among the last quote in the book when I read “The Innovation Blind Spot”, written by Ross Baird. So what Shelby described is what I am experiencing when writing these articles, and I can relate to it.

When reading an article or a book, the reader may feel that the writer has clarity on the subject. We see how the author structured the content to bring out what they like to share. However, it could also be the situation that the writer is also trying to figure out a problem and articulating out the thoughts is a way of how we can connect to our subconscious thinking. When we are writing, and in a flow state, we will type out things in our minds without too many thoughts. While it looks like blundering out unstructured thoughts, it could also be something that was constructed by our years of experiences without us doubting what we already know.

When I am writing these articles, there are times when I do not have an answer to the situation that I am in at that moment. So I am writing to share and seek a solution within, connecting to my inner unfiltered thoughts when I am in the flow state. After articulating those thoughts and running through them to check for consistency, spelling and grammatical errors, it might help me see things from another perspective.

Eventually, I achieved more than what I had bargained for. So, apart from sharing with readers like you, I am gaining much clarity and probably seeing things from another perspective and working out other alternative solutions.

Start now if you have yet to start your writing journey and probably doubt you can write anything. Fear not in making mistakes nor the inability to tell a good story—instead, fear in the failure to take the first step.

I wish you all the best in your writing journey.



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